Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

As top universities from around the world begin to offer these free, online courses with completely open enrolment to tens or even hundreds of thousands of participants, MOOCs are sparking debate about their potential impact on higher education.

Beyond impact on universities, we are increasingly seeing MOOCs being developed by, or in partnership with, institutions from museums to international organisations such as the World Bank. The opportunity MOOCs present to explore new forms of public engagement, knowledge exchange and collaboration should make them of significant interest to organisations that prioritise broad engagement and impact.

During 2016 Scotland’s Futures Forum helped develop a MOOC on the theme of social wellbeing. The free online course, which builds on the Forum’s wellbeing work, aims to create a global community of wellbeing practitioners, who can inspire and learn from each other. The course will help participants engage constructively in the wellbeing movement, and use wellbeing considerations to make important transformations to their work and ways of planning, learning and justifying decisions.

The first course ran successfully in September 2016 and more courses are planned. Visit its site at Future Learn to find out more and register your interest for future dates:

To learn more about what Scotland's Futures Forum has done with this new approach to education, please visit our MOOC website: