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Goodison Group in Scotland Forum Debate: Tuesday 13 June at the Scottish Parliament

The Goodison Group in Scotland continues its on-going investigation into education and learning in the future with a debate in the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 13 June 2017. 

Building on the thoughts and aspirations identified at the debate on 21 March 2017, participants will be able to add any further thoughts about schools and the curriculum before exploring their aspirations for colleges and universities in 2030 and beyond:

Imagine it is 2030 and education is positively contributing to and influencing our culture and society - the education process, system and curriculum are just as you want them to be. What’s happening that makes them vibrant and successful? What has changed? What has stayed the same and how have you contributed to this future?

Background information on the GGiS project is available on the Future Schooling, Learning and Education Approaches homepage.

Participants will include members from the Goodison Group in Scotland network, including individuals from organisations such as Education Scotland, National Library of Scotland and Scottish College for Educational Leadership. If you are interested in attending, please email for more details.


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