Welcome to Scotland's Futures Forum 


Scotland's Futures Forum was created by the Scottish Parliament to help its Members, along with policy makers, businesses, academics, and the wider community of Scotland, look beyond immediate horizons, to some of the challenges and opportunities we will face in the future.  Looking beyond the 4 year electoral cycle and away from party politics, the forum seeks to stimulate public debate in Scotland, bringing fresh perspectives, ideas and creativity on how we might prepare now for the future.

A Guide and Legacy Report for the 2011-2016 Parliamentary Session is now available as an Adobe Slate presentation.

Explore our website to learn more about our membership and how to contact us. For more information, please see our Scotland's Futures Forum leaflet (724KB pdf).

Current Major Projects:

Business Succession - the sustainability of family businesses and SMEs
In the European Union, one-third of business owners-–with some 690,000 businesses providing 2.8million jobs in the EU—will retire in the next 10 years. This represents a major demographic challenge.
Will the companies currently run by these entrepreneurs survive or die? The Forum is investigating this issue from a Scottish perspective.

Futures Study: The cultural base and strength of a civilised society

Work in this area will look at the topic from a number of different perspectives (e.g. cultural, sporting, educational, wellbeing-related) to provide pointers for those implementing changes and to help MSPs, MSP staff, researchers, committees, support structures and civic society envisage the sort of society we wish to aspire to. Programme objectives include a genuine connection with civic Scotland and an enhanced engagement with MSPs and Parliament. It is expected that the duration of this programme will be approximately 4–5 years to incorporate learning from the many different perspectives and to meet the objectives set.

Enhancing university and research institute engagement with the Scottish Parliament

Scotland has world class research, knowledge and expertise in its universities and academia. Working in partnership with SPICe, we will complement and build on existing engagement practices. The intention of all this work is to allow Parliament to better understand what is happening in academia and vice versa.

Beltane Parliament Engagement Fellowship

Through the internet, we have access to a vast repertoire of distance and online learning. Together with the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Universities Insight Institute, we have developed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in the area of wellbeing policy and practice. Material is available for learning 24/7 and course launch is 26 September 2016.

A second initiative is to capture learning from the British Sign Language (BSL) legislation. A report on this is available in the News section.