Welcome to Scotland's Futures Forum 


Scotland's Futures Forum was created by the Scottish Parliament to help its Members, along with policy makers, businesses, academics, and the wider community of Scotland, look beyond immediate horizons, to some of the challenges and opportunities we will face in the future.  Looking beyond the 4 year electoral cycle and away from party politics, the forum seeks to stimulate public debate in Scotland, bringing fresh perspectives, ideas and creativity on how we might prepare now for the future.

Explore our website to learn more about our membership and how to contact us.

Current Major Projects:

Rethinking Wellbeing

  • This initiative helps take forward design and measurement of effective public policies in a practical way
  • Our main partner in this is the Scottish Universities Insight Institute. A “Guidance Group”, encompassing a wider stakeholder group, steers the wellbeing work
  • We are closely aligning our wellbeing outputs, in a non-party political manner, with Scotland’s National Performance Framework, ‘Scotland Performs’.


By 2025 Scotland will be regarded as a world-leading learning nation

  • This skills and learning project challenges policy-makers, business people and those involved in education to think creatively about skills, training and the role of employers in an ever-changing world.
  • A 2014 horizons review report highlights recent trajectory trends. We are now embedding this learning with policymakers, educationalists and organisations. Project material, including a scenario toolkit, is available in the 2025 Scotland section of our website.


Social Finance

  • The objective is to support the preventative spend agenda against the backdrop of the pressure on public spending and the Christie Commission report on the Future Delivery of Public Services.
  • SFF is acting as a broker in a “forum” capacity to foster and share learning in the development of new funding models.
  • The underlying principle is that money invested can be recycled and reinvested for a good cause and to achieve future savings.