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Scotland: Sustainable Communities in 2030

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Sustainable Communities in Scotland is a scenario project looking at what sustainable communities might look like, in Scotland, in 2030.

Our main report describes three scenarios for the future:

  1. opportunities missed
  2. opportunities taken
  3. opportunities uninvited

Read the Sustainable Communities in Scotland 2030: Report

Each scenario is accompanied by a short film as well as a podcast to describe what life might be like in 2030 Scotland. You will also find all the assumptions and research which the scenarios were based upon.

The scenarios in this exciting project are designed to be very accessible. They throw up interesting and pressing questions for politicians, policymakers and for wider Scotland. Of course, these scenarios are not predictions; rather, they should be used as a tool to question and assess our understanding of sustainability, of community and how we are preparing for the future.

As with all Futures Forum resources, these materials can be used by anyone, as long as they are accredited to Scotland’s Futures Forum.

Watch the video on the three scenarios for the future