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As the Scottish Parliament's think-tank, Scotland's Futures Forum works with Members of the Scottish Parliament to look beyond the electoral cycle and stimulate debate on the long-term challenges and opportunities that Scotland faces.

We host events, support research and encourage creative reflections on our shared future. Our work is designed to inform and provoke ideas about what we should be doing now to secure a positive future for all of Scotland.

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Our work

  • Scotland’s Housing and Net Zero Conference
    22 April 2024 Scotland aims to achieve ‘net zero’ by 2045, but the Scottish Government announced, in April, that the interim 2030 target is unreachable highlighting the significant challenges ahead. By bringing together MSPs and stakeholders from academia, private, public and third sectors, the conference provided a platform to discuss and strategise on the necessary...
  • COP28: Code Red for parliaments – what next?
    How are parliaments changing to respond to the climate and biodiversity emergencies? How are they supporting their elected members to deal with the issues..
  • COP28: An update from the conference
    Malini Mehra, chief executive of GLOBE International, joins parliamentarians in the COP pavilion to provide an update on how conference negotiations are going.
  • AI and Education with the Goodison Group in Scotland
    This seminar in November 2023 explored the levers that we can use in education and learning to make the best use of artificial intelligence.
  • Scotland’s Land: One resource, many uses
    This event in October 2023 explored how we can use our land to underpin food security, maintain sustainable communities, & meet climate & biodiversity targets
  • Alternative approaches to economic development in Scotland
    This blog by David Waite, Richard Crisp and Anne Green reflects on different ideas of economic change and where they've come from.

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Artificial Intelligence and Democracy - Richard Leonard MSP and Professor Ewa Luger - Podcasts By The Scottish Parliament

With developments in artificial intelligence (AI) speeding up, what effect will this technology have on our democracy? What do we mean when we talk about artificial intelligence? What are the opportunities and what are the dangers? And how, as citizens and as a democracy, should we react? This Scotland's Futures Forum podcast, recorded in May 2023, explored the potential impact of AI on our lives and the implications we should consider. Featuring expert contributions from Professor Ewa Luger, Professor of Human-Data Interaction at the University of Edinburgh, and Richard Leonard MSP, convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Public Audit Committee. You can find out more on the Scotland's Futures Forum website.

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