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As the Scottish Parliament's think-tank, Scotland's Futures Forum looks beyond the electoral cycle to stimulate debate on the long-term challenges and opportunities that Scotland faces.

Our major programme for the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament has been the Scotland 2030 Programme, an exploration of Scotland's culture and society and our aspirations for 2030 and beyond.

Our report captures key questions for the next 10 years and outlines a selection of the creative suggestions that have been shared during our events, with 10 ideas for 2030. We hope that it encourages everyone - Members of the Scottish Parliament and the people they serve - to take a positive view of our shared future.

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Review of the year: 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. Often, it has been hard for many of us to look beyond the end of the week, let alone into the long-term future. At Scotland’s Futures Forum,…

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About Scotland’s Futures Forum

Scotland’s Futures Forum is the Scottish Parliament’s futures think-tank. It works on a non-party basis to promote research and to stimulate debate on the long-term challenges and opportunities that Scotland faces, with the aim of informing MSPs and others and enabling them to consider the effects of decisions taken today on Scotland’s long-term future.

Looking beyond the five-year electoral cycle and away from party politics, the Futures Forum seeks to bring fresh perspectives, ideas and creativity on how we might prepare now for the future. It hosts discussions and seminars and presents ideas to engage Scotland’s parliamentarians and challenge their thinking.

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