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Education Futures: Building a vision for Scottish education

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Tuesday 7 June 2022, at the Scottish Parliament and online

This forum discussion, held in conjunction with the Goodison Group in Scotland, considered how we can build a compelling and consensual vision for education. What are the key issues to consider in any national conversation about education in Scotland?

The event provided the opportunity both for small groups discussion and engagement with a panel of expert educationists:

A full event report will be produced in due course.


The event will build on two seminars with the Education, Children and Young People Committee on how changes in society, technology and our environment will affect education.

We looked at both where decisions should be taken in the education system and the future learning experience in schools.

Read the event reports:


The Goodison Group in Scotland brings together a cross section of society, including influencers from education, government and business (including the third sector). Through discussion and debate, it develops insights and models future scenarios.

As it looks forward, it is engaging and collaborating as a community to identify the topics and areas that will inform its programme of work over the next two to three years and contribute to any national conversation on the future of Scottish education.


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