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Scotland 2030 Programme: Upcoming Events

Pic - Fiona MacLellan, 2018

Scotland’s Futures Forum continues its exploration of life, society and culture in Scotland in the future through a series of events tackling subjects from the potential for a citizen’s income, the future for rural Scotland and the role of leadership in education.

All these events take place in the Scottish Parliament and are open to the public, although numbers are limited. Check out the full programme, or read on to find out more!

Scotland 2030: A Citizen’s Income?

Tuesday 2 April, 6pm to 8pm, the Scottish Parliament

With predictions of social and economic upheaval brought about by technological and environmental change, could a citizen’s income reduce poverty and increase people’s control over their lives? How affordable is it as a policy?

Featuring input from Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, and using new research from Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt Universities to start the debate, this event will consider whether a citizen’s income is realistic for the future.

Chaired by Alex Rowley MSP, Co-Convener of the Cross-Party Group on Basic Income.

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Scotland 2030: A Sustainable Future for Rural Scotland

Tuesday 14 May, 6pm to 8pm, the Scottish Parliament

With rural areas predicted to continue to lose their populations, how can we build a future for rural Scotland that is sustainable for both the environment and the communities who live there?

Join an expert panel featuring Megan MacInnes from the Scottish Land Commission and Dr Calum MacLeod from Community Land Scotland to hear about new research from the Institute for Heritage and Sustainable Human Development and explore the the future we want for 2030.

Chaired by Claudia Beamish MSP, Scotland Futures Forum Director

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Later in the year…

Scotland 2030: Leadership in Education

Tuesday 11 June, 5.45pm to 7.45pm, at the Scottish Parliament

The Futures Forum and the Goodison Group in Scotland continue their exploration of schooling and learning in the future. Chaired by Sir Andrew Cubie, Scotland’s Futures Forum Director

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Scotland 2030: Communities and Regeneration

Wednesday 26 June, 6pm to 8pm, at the Scottish Parliament

Chaired by Stuart McMillan MSP, Scotland’s Futures Forum Director, this event will consider the role of communities in the regeneration of their local areas.

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Audience member takes a photo of Claudia Beamish MSP as she chairs the Futures Forum event on Our Food Future. Pic - Fiona MacLellan
Audience member takes a photo of Claudia Beamish MSP as she chairs the Futures Forum event on Our Food Future, September 2018. Pic – Fiona MacLellan
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