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Scotland 2030: Young People and Technology

The Futures Forum hold a joint meeting with MSYPs during the Scottish Youth Parliament's 64th session held in the Scottish ParliamentPic - Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

On 27 October 2017, the Futures Forum held a joint consultation event with the Scottish Youth Parliament on the question of technology. Chaired by Maree Todd MSP as a Futures Forum director, the debate covered young people’s hopes and fears about the role of technology in their lives, and their thoughts about how to make technological developments work for them.

Pic – Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

MSYPs reflected on the positive developments, with social media and smartphones enabling people to make connections with people they wouldn’t otherwise come into with, and the negatives, including the high costs and patchy availability in some areas of Scotland.

“Best thing: Quick, Easy Access and Useful.
Worst thing: Addictive”

Looking to 2030, the MSYPs worked together to draw up a vision of their hoped-for futures, with green technology, cheap access and human connections all featuring strongly.