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Scotland 2030: Our Future Scotland

#OurFutureScotland challenges everyone – from the First Minister and other party leaders, to leading business and technology figures, and award-winning authors and artists – to share their aspirations for the kind of country they want Scotland to be in the future.

Check out the video to see what our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Makar Jackie Kay and a host of leading figures in Scotland think about the future.

The film was screened at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 16 May, followed by a panel discussion featuring actor Brian Cox, writer Christopher Brookmyre, robotics expert and Robot Wars judge Prof Sethu Vijayakumar, and Clare Adamson MSP and chaired by the Presiding Officer, Ken Macintosh MSP.

Also joining the discussion were chief executive of Scottish Renewables Claire Mack, the Data Lab chief executive Gillian Docherty, chair of Ceolas Mary MacInnes, writer and artist David Baillie, Co-Convener of the Scottish Green Party Maggie Chapman and human rights lawyer Debora Kayambe. Futures Forum directors Claudia Beamish MSP, Adam Tomkins MSP, Sir Andrew Cubie and Louise Macdonald, the chief executive of Young Scot, also attended.

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Aberdeen and the North-East

In partnership with the University of Aberdeen, on 25 May 2018, the Futures Forum held an event on the aspirations for our future in Aberdeen and the North East.

Using the Our Future Scotland video as a prompt, an expert panel provided their perspective on the opportunities for the North East in particular and Scotland in general.

The panel at the Our Future Scotland event at the University of Aberdeen

L-R: Neil McLennan, Edel Harris, Duncan Cockburn and Rob Littlejohn

Edel Harris, chief executive of social care organisation Cornerstone and EY Scotland entrepreneur of the year 2017 was joined by chair of Culture Aberdeen Dr Duncan Cockburn and Neil McLennan, senior lecturer at the University of Aberdeen School of Education for the discussion.

The seminar was chaired by Futures Forum head of business Rob Littlejohn.
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The Scottish Parliament’s 20th Birthday

On 29 June 2019, the Scottish Parliament opened its doors to the people of Scotland for an afternoon of celebration to mark its 20th birthday.

As part of the celebrations the Futures Forum held a debate on what life, and the Parliament, might be like in 10 or 20 years time.

Chaired by Linda Fabiani MSP, Deputy Presiding Officer of the Parliament, an expert panel discussed how technology will change our lives, how we can meet our climate change targets, and the Parliament can meet the challenges those changes present. And, crucially, what kind of country do we want Scotland to be in the future?

Picture by @tesodb on Twitter

Our panel featured:

  • Kelly McBride, director of Demsoc Scotland
  • Lynette Purves, chair of the 2050 Climate Group
  • Jude McCorry, head of business development at the Data Lab

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Our Future Scotland: South-West Scotland

On Friday 11 October 2019, in conjunction with the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Futures Forum is hosting a debate in Dumfries to encourage people to look to the future of Scotland in 2030 and beyond.

Image by Alison Smith from Pixabay

Chaired by Dame Barbara Kelly, this panel-led debate will explore the futures we can foresee for Scotland and how they might impact on south-west Scotland in particular. For more information, click here.