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Scotland’s poverty problem

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Friday 11 August 2023, at the Scottish Parliament


With nearly a quarter of children in Scotland growing up in poverty, we are storing up mental, physical and emotional health problems for our future.

All political parties are committed to tackling the issue, so why has more progress not been made? Does stigma hold back the debate? How can we build a healthier and fairer society for everyone in Scotland? 

Chaired by Maggie Chapman MSP as a Futures Forum director, this event explored the uncomfortable truths behind poverty in Scotland.  

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Chris Birt leads the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s work in Scotland to solve poverty. Prior to joining the Foundation, Chris worked for the Scottish Government, latterly as head of the First Minister’s Policy and Delivery Unit.

Satwat Rehman is Chief Executive of One Parent Families Scotland which is the leading charity working with single parent families in Scotland. Satwat has more than 30 years’ experience in the voluntary and public sector in Scotland and England, working in equalities, education and employability, among other issues.

Morag Treanor is Professor of Child and Family Inequalities at the University of Glasgow and Deputy Chair of the Scottish Government’s Poverty and Inequality Commission. Morag’s work focuses on the impacts of poverty and wider inequalities on children and families’ health, education and other outcomes.


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