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Seachdain na Gàidhlig: Views of the Future

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To mark Seachdain na Gàidhlig (Gaelic week) this year, the Futures Forum will publish a series of Gaelic blogs specially commissioned for the occasion. 

In our event on the future of Gaelic in 2019, one participant shared a vision of a Scotland where “Gaelic is visible and audible in public life, with Gaelic routinely used for non-Gaelic issues.” 

To support this vision, and to provide food for thought on our shared future, we will publish blogs throughout the week beginning 21 March that look at various aspects of Scotland in 2045 from the point of view of a range of Gaelic speakers.   

Subjects will include community empowerment, minority language publishing, rewilding, allotments, travel, Gaelic visual arts, sustaining island communities and even some dystopian creative writing.

They will be brought to us by a range of writers including Rhoda Meek, Iona Whyte, Màiri Kidd, Màiri Anna NicUalrig, Iain Fionnlagh MacLeòid and more!

While we will publish English translations in the following weeks to make the blogs available to as wide an audience as possible, they will be available only in Gaelic in the first instance.

You can check the blogs on this website and by following us on Twitter @ScotFutures.

Partnership with the Parliament

The blog series has been produced in conjunction with the Scottish Parliament’s Gaelic officers. We are grateful for their support and advice.

Also as part of the Parliament’s work to mark World Gaelic Week, the Gaelic officers are showcasing different work in Gaelic and about Gaelic, including this short video produced for the occasion on the Scottish Parliament’s work to support the language.  

Follow them on @ParlAlba for all Gaelic-language content.