Our Environment

A healthy society and culture depends on a healthy environment. This project explores how Scotland's environment might change over the coming years and how our relationship with it will and should change at the same time. It also asks what our societal and cultural relationship with our surroundings should be in 2030 to ensure a just and sustainable future for us all.

Scotland 2030: Our Environment Event

These issues were considered on 21 June at an event in the Scottish Parliament, chaired by Claudia Beamish MSP

New research

Context for the event was provided by new research on how Scotland’s environment might change over the next decade and a half. Funded by the Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI), Dr Stephanie Smith, a post-doctoral researcher from Scotland’s Rural College, has explored the extent to which Scotland’s environment will be well-functioning and resilient by 2030. 

Read more about Steph's work here.

A sustainable society

Sustainability expert Heidi Hauf from Forum for the Future gave us her views on the ideal relationship between society and environment.

Scotland and the environment

World-renowned landscape photographer Colin Prior reflected on Scotland’s current relationship with the environment.


Research report Event report

Scotland 2030: How resilient and well-functioning will Scotland's environment be?      2017-06-21 Scot2030 Our Environment Event Report

Research project: How resilient and well-functioning will Scotland’s environment be?

Series of Blog to the Future posts from Futures Fellow Nell Widger on Scotland's relationship with its environment: