The Scottish Parliament's think-tank

Goodison Group in Scotland

Scotland’s Futures Forum has strategic links with the Goodison Group in Scotland in the area of learning and skills. Here’s what it says about itself:

The Goodison Group in Scotland is a charity, solely dedicated to issues of learning through life. We are an independent convening forum, providing a safe space for people to think and share thinking about the future of education and learning in Scotland. We believe civic society should be active stakeholders, and we seek to contribute ideas and influence thinking on longer term policy and practice, some of which we hope also has resonance in the nearer term.

We bring together a cross section of society, including people from education (including children and young people), academia, government, business, and the third sector with an interest in learning through life, building a sense of community. Through respectful debate, discussion, and challenge, we raise questions, offer creative, innovative thinking and ideas, develop insights, and model future scenarios.

We like to collaborate with individuals, organisations and institutions that are forward and future thinking, we encourage research, and work in support of issues under review.

Governance Structure

The Goodison Group in Scotland is an entirely volunteer led organisation governed by a Board of Directors. In addition there is a Company Secretary.

Board of Directors

  • Sir Andrew Cubie (Chair)
  • Professor Graham Donaldson
  • Tina Livingston
  • David C. Watt

Management Team

  • Michael Cockburn (Company Secretary)

Partnership work