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Scotland 2030: Future Schooling, Education and Learning Overview

Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh MSP speaks with digital leaders from P5 and P6 at Milton of Leys primary school about his role as PO as part of a series of visits undertaken in Inverness. 10 November 2017.Pic - Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

What are our aspirations for education and learning in 2030 and beyond? What could become a reality? What are the implications for education and learning if the future is uncertain and/or continues to change rapidly? What capacities will people of all ages need to develop to thrive in this type of environment? How will and how should education and learning help shape our culture and society in 2030 and beyond?

In a series of interactive seminars, participants from a wide range of backgrounds, including education, academia, government and business, have been asked to consider these questions.

Read the scenarios based on their ideas, thoughts and feedback here

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Part of the Futures Forum’s Scotland 2030 Programme, this Goodison Group in Scotland project aims to:

  • look to 2030 and beyond to consider what will be required from schooling, education, learning processes and structures to meet the needs of individuals, a future workforce, and Scotland in general;
  • extrapolate the values, behaviours and conditions required for change to be organic and timely;
  • provide important insights both to influence future policy and practice but also, crucially, to improve policy making in the short-term by future proofing; and
  • demonstrate how education and learning contribute to our culture and society.

The programme includes consideration of pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary and adult education and learning – looking at different life stages and exploring the what, how, who, when and where of education, learning and development.

In 2017, four events focused on different aspects of education in Scotland:

In 2018, the events move to focus on different stages of education in Scotland:

What will education in 2030 be like?

As part of the Our Future Scotland project, gathering people’s aspirations for Scotland in 2030, we spoke to several leading figures in Scotland about the future of education. What do they think we will be learning in 2030? Watch this short video to find out – and see if you agree with them!


This work will be informed by research and data including the outcomes and knowledge base delivered by the earlier Goodison Group in Scotland with Scotland’s Futures Forum on Scotland 2025: A World-leading Learning Nation.

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