The Scottish Parliament's think-tank

Scotland 2030: Leadership in Education

Tuesday 10 September and Tuesday 12 November 2019, 6pm to 8pm, at the Scottish Parliament

Scotland’s Futures Forum and the Goodison Group in Scotland as they continue their exploration of education in the future with two events on leadership in education.

The events bring together leading figures from education for interactive workshops to explore the future.

The events consider the scenario the Goodison Group and Futures Forum have been developing, deliberately shifting the focus from what people want to see to how the scenario might be realised.

To do this, we are using innovative change leadership approaches facilitated by Kenneth Hogg, Director, Scottish Government, and Valerie Jackman, Leadership Lead, College Development Network.

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Over the past two years, the Goodison Group in Scotland and Scotland’s Futures Forum have been examining the future of schooling, education and learning in Scotland.

Through the project, we have considered some of the macro environmental factors and trends that may influence or disrupt schooling and education in the future, including technological innovation and demographic change.

The draft scenario is our focus for the September and November sessions when considering leadership of change.  In these sessions we are moving our discussions on from the ‘what’ future schooling and education might look like to the ‘how’ we might make it happen.  

The draft scenario remains work in progress and we fully expect to make further changes as a result of these two sessions, before a final version is produced.