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How resilient and well-functioning will Scotland’s environment be?

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As part of the Scotland 2030 Programme, and on the basis that a strong society and economy can exist in the long term only if the environment – land, air and water – are functioning well, the Futures Forum supported an investigation into what Scotland’s environment might look like in 2030.

Asking the question “How resilient and well-functioning will Scotland’s environment be?”, Dr Stephanie Smith, a post-doctoral researcher from Scotland’s Rural College, reviewed current trends, scientific research and evidence-based approaches to predict how Scotland may change.

In a fellowship funded by the Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes, Steph has produced a research report, a series of “Wish you were here?” postcards from 2030 and a blog about her experience.

Research report

Wish you were here?

As part of her fellowship, Steph created a series of imagined postcards from Scotland in 2030. The postcards suggest one potential future and are designed to stimulate debate about Scotland’s environment and the actions which may be required to secure its health.

  • Postcard with text that reads: our future Scotland; we wish you were here;

Blog post

Read Steph’s take on her work with the Futures Forum: “Bananas, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Scotland’s environment”