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Where next for education in Scotland? Videos and additional material

Still from EduJam video - cover image for Where next for education in Scotland

As part of our conference with the Goodison Group in Scotland “What’s next for education in Scotland?” , we were keen to highlight the great work and innovation already possible in Scottish education and learning, including anything that has been introduced because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Creative Bravery Festival Team described these as ‘pockets of the future in the present.’ 

We had a great response to our call for short videos, and we present them and some additional materials below.


Let’s step back a little!

Hidden Giants with Katey Anderson at Blackburn Primary School

This video features a primary teacher, Katey Anderson, who worked with Hidden Giants, an organisation that supports learners, teachers and leaders to create the conditions for change that grow cultures which are empowered, agentic, and brave.

Let’s take it outside!

These three videos demonstrate the benefits of outdoor play and learning. Two of the videos focus on primary aged children and the third high school.

Outdoor Play and Learning at Ravenswood Primary School

East End Primary School, Elgin, Moray

Bothwellpark High School

Let’s go digital!

These two videos demonstrate the type of work being explored using digital/online approaches and the support available from universities.

West Calder High School

University of Edinburgh

This interview with Judy Robertson on supporting teachers during Covid-19 is on the University of Edinburgh website.

Let’s share, collaborate and be creative to help the next normal emerge!

Creative Bravery Festival

Helena Good, who is part of the Bravery team, provides an overview, documenting the journey of creating the festival.


Edujam was an event that took place over three days in September 2020 at the V&A in Dundee. The theme was the future of education, and it was powered by the Service Design Academy and Service Design in Education. The event was online and interactive, giving the opportunity for people from across the UK and the world to join in.

Let’s listen to what the children and young people have to say!

Braw Talent and St Paul’s RC High School

In spring 2020, the Goodison Group in Scotland and the Futures Forum were working with the team from Braw Talent, a community interest company based in Glasgow.

Braw Talent and a group of 20 children and young people (aged 10 to 13) from St Paul’s RC High School Glasgow and the feeder primary schools worked together to bring to life the scenario of schooling in 2030 in our report “Scotland 2030: Future Schooling, Education and Learning“. This is an audio clip from one of the group discussions.

Let’s value quiet in our schools!

In this video, Jamie Thom, an English teacher, talks about the value of quiet in our schools.

Let’s look to the future!

The Great Education PowerUp – A day in the life of a student in 2030

This is a video recording of a Bonfire session at the Creative Bravery Festival by Chris Davey, Head of Creative at Whitespace, a creative agency. Chris sets out his vision of a day in the life of a student in 2030, followed by a question and answer session.

2030 and Beyond

To complement the Futures Forum and Goodison Group in Scotland report “Scotland 2030: Future Schooling, Education and Learning“, pupils from St Paul’s RC High School in Glasgow and its feeder primary schools presented their interpretation of what school might look like in 2030.

Working with the social enterprise Braw Talent, the pupils created a film about their hopes for the future. Using the scenario as a basis, they wrote, directed, acted in and produced a short film.

Reading and Research

Let’s learn from different approaches and models of school

Newlands Junior College (NJC) aimed to meet the needs of young people with potential who were disengaged from school education. It was the brainchild of Jim McColl, the well-known entrepreneur, and was funded by him and his partners along with the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council. 

It is one of very few recent innovations in Scottish education that radically departed from the norms of the system. The great majority of its students went into employment, training or continuing education. The NJC’s success depended on effective vocational preparation, academic studies suited to its client group and, above all, the development of strong trusting relationships.

Newlands Junior College Report Executive Summary January 2021

Play is the Way

Upstart’s new book, Play is the Way, provides a suggested way forward for early years including, ‘scenarios’ of how it could come about.

Outdoor Learning

Professor Peter Higgins from the University of Edinburgh shared some papers relating to Outdoor Learning.

A book on learning outside the classroom is free to download for any GTCS registered teacher from the GTCS library.

10 tips for Outdoor Learning during Covid recovery

The International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA)

The International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA) was established in 2016 to provide advice regarding education policies and practices to the First Minister and Deputy First Minister to advance equity and excellence in the Scottish education system. This is the second formal report of the ICEA relating to their second two-year term (2018-2020) of work.

International Council of Education Advisers Report 2018-20

The Education Curriculum Reimagined: CfE.2.0

In May 2020, the RSA held a conference in which educationalists, education leaders and academics considered what a reimagined curriculum, a CfE2.0, could look like.

The Education Curriculum Reimagined: CfE.2 – Report


A space to discuss the future of examination and certification in Scotland:

Additional Support for Learning

The Review of Additional Support Learning, chaired by Angela Morgan, and the subsequent action plan published in October 2020.

Review of additional support for learning implementation: report

Improving additional support for learning: action plan

Open Scotland

Open Scotland is a voluntary cross sector initiative that aims to raise awareness of open education, encourage the sharing of open educational resources, and explore the potential of open policy and practice to benefit all sectors of Scottish education.

Open Educational Resources: An equitable future for education in Scotland

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

In this section we signpost websites, reading and research relating to the UNCRC, meaningful participation by children and young people and attainment.

  1. Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights)
  2. Young Scot
  3. Children’s Parliament Year of Childhood
  4. Scotcen
  5. CYPCS
  6. Education Scotland