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News from 2030 by Karine Polwart

Karine Polwart, Scottish singer, songwriter, composer and essayist speaking at Scotland’s Futures Forum launches its ‘Scotland 2030’ programmePic - Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

As part of the launch of our Scotland 2030 Programme in March 2017, we asked award-winning folk singer, songwriter and essayist Karine Polwart (@IAMKP) to reflect on the cultural implications for our society from technological change.

In response, Karine brought three imagined news stories from 2030. Karine read the stories and reflected on why she wrote them.

The Stories

Shopping Trolleys

“Karine reads “Betty Bags a Booker” that looks at the concept of human dignity in a future where large sections of the community find themselves without paid employment.

Karine reads “A Digital Haven” that considers the challenges of social media and how the the need to stay connected digitally might play out in a country like Scotland, which often sells itself on its wilderness and natural environment.

Karine reads “A karmic Payback” that explores the power relationships between ‘data generators’ and ‘data analysts’ in a world where our lives are increasingly defined by ‘datafication’.

The stories formed part of our event on Scotland 2030: The Technological Context.